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In 2017, Hendoc & Nick Docken found a canvas of a house, abandoned during construction which over the years of neglect had been reclaimed by the jungle and overtaken by bats. They decided to take on the task of restoring the potential they saw, and 2 years later finished building a destination for anyone who wants to experience the meditative setting of the Costa Rican rainforest. In the dry season (Nov-Apr) Hendoc offers art courses for a handful of people. In the wet season (Aug-Oct) when the region receives less tourists, Nick hosts surf adventures for those who come for the wave, not the weather. Furthermore, the house is available for vacation rental throughout the rest of the year. 

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Our Story

Landscapes, art, and fine dining. 


These are the three central themes of Arthouse Malpais.

Landscape naturally includes animals, and in our case especially birds. In the garden you can see the blue morphus fluttering next to hummingbirds, while the monkeys in the trees loudly mark their daily territory. Parrots fly over the house squawking in pairs and coatis rummage in the undergrowth for insects. Normally you would discover the same species of fauna in the adjacent national park, but you can also just sit on the terrace, drink local coffee and the animals and birds will pass you by.

Landscape of course also includes the wonderful beaches in all their facets, from the secluded hideaway to the main surf beach, from the tide pools in the volcanic rock, to the wide deserted beaches to the north. Waterfallls nearby and a breathtaking jungle landscape will surely express the simplicity and beauty of nature on every excursion.

In such a place, art comes naturally. Silence and seclusion can often have a very creative effect ... You have the opportunity to build a piece of furniture in our workshop or make a sculpture in the sculpting area... from one of the 600 types of wood that are locally available and legally sourced. The fundamentals of the workshop in the Taunus have been copied in Mal Pais. Travel light. You might fly back with more ......

The heart of the house is the kitchen

Our bond with the fishermen from Mal Pais is particularly noticeable in the skillet. We go to the port twice a day to check the catch of the day. Fresh fish has a whole new definition and level of appreciation here. Pesticide free vegetables and fruits can be found in the Green House, and the weekly „Hippy market“ seems to be turning in to a competition between organic farmers to see who can offer the highest quality non-toxic products. Since Mal Pais is located in the middle of one of the 5 Blue Zones of the planet, private food production has become an integral part of the culture and way of life. The countless international restaurants in Santa Teresa, which sophisticate every flavor with ease, are a testament to this.

Meet The Team

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